How to sell your home this winter

10 minute read.

Has your property been on the market for a while with no luck? Traditionally, winter is known to be a hard time to put your house on the market. With bad weather stopping people going out to view houses, and the gloomy atmosphere making your property appear less desirable, there are lots of reasons why winter can put off potential buyers.

Government data shows that the colder winter months (October to March) saw an average of about 10,000 fewer monthly UK house sales than the following summer months (April to September).

To try and overcome this seasonal slump, here are a few of our useful tips to help your property sell even during the slow winter months. 

1 . Get rid of discouraging DIY tasks 

From rattling windows to drill holes in the walls, take this slower season to quickly patch up your half completed DIY jobs. They might not feel like a big deal to you, but potential buyers see them as just another job they’ll have to complete once they move in. Touch up the paintwork on your doors and skirting boards, and try to make your home as attractive as you can.

2 . Don’t over scent your home

It makes sense to try and make your home smell nice with different candles and sprays, but remember that not everyone likes the same smells. Aviod over powering air fresheners and candles as they can put potential buyers off, and opt for neutral scents like fresh linens or vanilla instead. 

Winter can be a great time to get baking, with multiple holidays and cold nights giving the perfect opportunity to make some sweet treats. When you know you have people coming over to view your home bake something before they come to give your house a nice homely smell, and leave a couple of your baked treats out for them to try. Little details like this is what will make your home stick in people’s minds.

3 . Keep it cosy and warm

When it’s cold and miserable outside, nothing is better than going into a warm cosy home. Make sure your fire is going or the heating is on to welcome potential buyers, but make sure not to make it too hot! Little details like a knitted blanket or warm lighting can help people imagine themselves being cosy in the house during winter.

4 . Let in the light

As the days start to get shorter and darker, even the early afternoon can be a gloomy dark time for a house viewing. Putting up the right lighting will help to stop the gloom.

Make sure all your curtains are open and window ledges cleared to let in as much natural light as possible. Try changing your lightbulbs for a warmer colour to make each room seem naturally lit as well.

5 . Keep your garden tidy

When the weather gets cooler, many people tend to neglect the garden as they spend less time outside. But for people viewing your home, the kerb appeal and garden is a big part of their decision.

Remember to keep the outside areas clean and tidy even if all the plants have died, helping potential buyers to imagine how the garden will be in summer. 

6 . Keep pets hidden

Even though we love them, out pets can put buyers off. Some people have allergies and may be put off viewing the house, and some people don’t like the idea of lingering pet smells. Make sure to keep your pet away during viewings and ensure you hoover up any hair that may trigger allergies.